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Earthquake centered in Maine rattles New England Post Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:38 pm 
Last Tuesday (Oct 16, 2012) evening New England has experienced the shaking and turbulence of an earthquake with magnitude 4.0 and people staying up to south Connecticut also felt the vibes. However, no sever damage or loss of assets are been reported yet although alertness is still prevailing in that area.

The Richter Scale detected the epicenter of the earthquake is located at 4 miles away from Hollis center, which is located 20miles away from Portland. According to the report of US Geological Survey report, the first vibration was felt at 7.12 pm. At first the magnitude was calculated at 4.6 but later on it gets down at 4.

Severe Earthquake is seldom found in New England area at least at regular basis like Asian-pacific belts. According to USGS Report, New England area experiences earthquake for a couple of times in a year with mild intensity and with moderate intensity once or twice in a decade. The last one with moderate vibration [with 5.6 magnitudes] was occurred in the year 1940 in central New Hampshire region.

As per geological report, New England and Long Island are at afar off distance from tectonic plate boundaries, as these are located with Atlantics and Caribbean Sea area. Although a few scoops are there to study the reason behind earthquake here that has never taken in consideration so fat and that has kept the reason behind the earthquake in New England area is absolutely indefinable and unidentified.

However concerning the recent one, the residents of New England area was more or less at shock due to the earthquake; however, the air of panic is quite relieved now.

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Joined: Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:36 pm
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